Top 5 Reasons Why Sense8 Should Continue Beyond The Finale

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Welcome To The Cluster!

Meet the Sense8 "fanmily" and  The Reality of What it Takes to Campaign Against Netflix  - Together Till The End By Margaret Hernandez & Siddy Nickhead With the global proliferation of the Sense8 Special promo poster and Netflix announcement of the air date set for June 8th, 2018, it is easy to forget this almost didn't... Continue Reading →

Fans Show Up for Sense8…Once Again

  It's been called a "Special", a "Finale", a grammatically unsound "Finale Special" and most recently, a "movie" by Just Jared. Regardless of the terminology, fans around the world have shown up for the show they saved from the cutting room floors of Netflix, surprising not only its cast but the network which cancelled the... Continue Reading →

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