I AM ALSO A WE CON – A Sense8 Con with a Difference in Wolfie’s Berlin

When an event is named after one of Sense8's most iconic taglines. you know it's going to be anything but ordinary. Fan conventions encompass an all too familiar line up of activities and perks, but  I Am Also A We Con hopes to change that by organizing an event that truly embodies the spirit of... Continue Reading →


Mural THIS Moment

The lives of Sense8 fans and campaigners, in particular, are split. There's real life, the day to day of the lives we have always had, the classes, the work routine, the responsibilities of families, the drama of the mundane. And then there's life in the fandom, where we take on different roles, interact with people... Continue Reading →

The 1st of June

I don't remember it raining this time last year but it should have. This hour, last year I was sitting in my bathroom staring at my phone in what can only be described as crippling helplessness. A friend of mine, living in Canada had sent me a message with four simple words and a bear... Continue Reading →

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