#WhySense8 Matters, Especially on #Sense8Day

The 8th of August is no ordinary day for Sense8 fans around the world as it not only marks the birthday of the cluster but a day Sens8 fans have reclaimed, as their own. It seems fitting that the 8th of August is thus declared an international television  "holiday" in which Sensies around the globe... Continue Reading →

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Fight for What’s Right on Nomi’s Nifty Wheels

It's not often that we get to own a piece of pop culture history as it symbolically stands for more than what the original prop or set item was meant for. When I consider what iconic belonging I'd like to get my hands on from my favourite show Sense8, I think of Riley's headphones, Will's... Continue Reading →

A Sense8 State of Mind

  We wake up in very different parts of the world and lead incredibly different lives. So different that what's an ordinary occurrence in my part of the world may be downright appalling and even illegal in others. I don't speak English in my day to day life, I work in English but I don't... Continue Reading →

Mural THIS Moment

The lives of Sense8 fans and campaigners, in particular, are split. There's real life, the day to day of the lives we have always had, the classes, the work routine, the responsibilities of families, the drama of the mundane. And then there's life in the fandom, where we take on different roles, interact with people... Continue Reading →

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