Welcome Home Sensates- The Sensorium is Heading Your Way


Often described as the “do-it-yourself” fandom, the Sense8 Fanmily has a unique number of attributes and accolades under their belt. Having rescued their favourite series from the clutches of a Network that refuses to promote or recognize its potential, Sense8 fans have single-handedly made their show, one of the most visible and most watched Netflix originals to date. With the absence of official merchandise, they not only create their own but also petition manufacturers to do the same. With a documentary film and crowdfunded murals also in the pipeline, the fandom which makes its own promotional campaigns, podcast, trailers and videos is a thriving hotbed of activity all year long. So it should come as no surprise that the Sense8 fandom will also be among the first in television history to create an online universe based on the Wachowski Sisters’ creation, connecting sensates around the world, much like the heroes of their beloved series.

The brainchild of 20-year old Indian student Prateek Gupta and Mexican software developer Leonardo Gutierrez, the team designing this world of Sensoriums from the guiding principles of Sense8 include 85 active members, who lend their ideas, support and skills to the creation of a website and mobile app which is set to launch its first phase on June 8th, to coincide with the premiere of the new Sense8 2 hour special.


Turning the Wheel So the Future Changes




Prateek Gupta and Leonardo Gutierrez both site the infectiously open-hearted and diverse Sense8 fandom as the inspiration behind his idea for the website and app. Witnessing a world of fans coming together to resurrect a cancelled series and the social media presence the movement created was what drove this team to “unite as a cluster, working to create this tool for everyone by gathering people from all around with different skill sets including non-technical talent”. Although there is a Sense8 Cluster Finder already available the Sensorium team wanted an online network specifically geared towards Sense8 fans and the message of inclusivity and global connection the show fostered in its legion of fans.

I am also a We

The main goal behind the app according to Leonardo is “to connect people that may or may not share the same beliefs but do share common human values such as the ones expressed in the show like love, empathy, compassion, courage. It’s not just another social network, We will help you join compassionate people that can help and live beside you in everyday life.” This echoes the sentiments of the show’s 8 sensate protagonists who, despite living in diverse geographical locations are connected to one another’s lives in every other way. Targetting the already sizable Sense8 fanbase who will undoubtedly enjoy this extension of their online family, the app also hopes to attract more like-minded, empathetic and passionate fans to the groundbreaking show and inspire the multitudes to live in line with the values of Sense8.


The Sensorium App


Although it is still in its developmental stages at the moment, once complete, the app would be accessible via all internet browsers and available for download from major app stores.  With the web-based app nearly complete, Prateek, Leonardo and Co. will allow users to log in and register to join a cluster. All those who sign up will be “reborn” a Sensate as in the series. Future plans also include finding Sensates not only based on the date of birth but also based on interest, hobbies, skills and passions. Users will also be able to create their own clusters with no specific criteria than personal preference and become a “cluster mother/father”.  Sensates around the world will be able to share media including videos, photos, links and playlists in real time and even be able to play music tracks ( let’s not kid ourselves, it’s going to be ” What’s Going On”) directly to their cluster buddy’s mobile phone.

Key components of the show’s sensate experiences which include ” sharing” and “visiting” will all be part of the app which will mimic what life as a Sensate can encompass in every single way. A video game is also in the works and Prateek and his team plan on having ” BPO chasing cluster members that are already signed up on the app!”

As Leonardo notes ” By providing a specialized tool that was created by fans with  Sense8 experiences, values and workstyle, we can easily connect people with other human beings to help them realize that we are all kind, helpful and very much alike, despite our apparent “differences”, because we are humans and without labels, we can actually form clusters that’ll be able to transmit this kind of inclusion and love all around our globe”


Isolated Above Connected Below

As in every endeavour undertaken by the Sense8 fanmily, this too will be a group and even global effort with many shareholders who wear the badge of “Sense8 Warrior” in their hearts. Sense8 fans who wish to join Prateek and Leonardo in their groundbreaking project are more than welcome to sign up. “Everyone is welcome to join and help! As said before we have non-technical people that help with translation, content-writing, graphic design, publicity and ideas” enthuses the team behind this truly revolutionary idea. “We’re sure that everyone with no exception can support us with any skill they may have. It’s important to note that we’ve learned a lot during this time, so it’s also an opportunity for people to acquire new skills and abilities like working remotely with people from different cultures, languages, beliefs, and it’s very satisfying to be able to create and offer something amazing to the global cluster”. Contact the team by joining Slack via the link below.


BeFunky-collage (1).jpg
From L-R- Leonardo, Prateek, Kronch, Dan Are, Charlotte, Mercury, Abraham

Current members include:


Prateek Gupta – Team Leader and Front-End Software Developer

Leonardo – Team Leader and Back-End Software Developer

Abraham – UI/UX Software Developer

Charlotte – French/German Translator and Publicity

Dan – Back-End Software Developer

Kronch – Content Writer

Mercury – Bulgarian and German Translator

Are – Front-End Software Developer

Imagining a world dedicated to Sense8 and sensate individuals around the globe may seem a challenging undertaking for anyone considering the work, dedication and time required to make this dream a reality. But Sense8  and its fans always were and will be the exception, as hardwon successes are all part of what it takes to make the world’s most inclusive fandom who not only believe but live by the words  “As long as were together…there’s nothing we can’t do“. See you in the virtual Archipelago Sensies!





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