Sense8 Special Tells Fans It’s Not the End – Here Are 9 Clues You Might Have Missed



What sets Sense8 apart from most of what occupies tv screens in this age is that it works on so many different levels. Like a painting where new depths of meaning are uncovered with each viewing, Sense8 communicates a world of meaning in every single scene, making it one of the most complex and satisfying works of art to follow. And  “Amor Vincit Omnia” is no different. While casual viewers may have missed these classically Sense8 subtexts, any Sense8 fan with two sense8 pins to rub together may have picked up on the not so subtle cues in the episode as to the future of the show as well as a call to action for fans who fought and secured the two and a half hour episode to continue their campaign.


What’s worth it?

worth it 2worth it

From the opening sequence of the episode, Wolfgang’s mother and Wolfgang himself grapple with the idea of what’s worth it. Wolfgang’s mother says time and time again how saving her, how escaping from the grip of a tyrant is not worth it, how She is not worth it. This is a sentiment we hear Wolfgang repeat to Kala later on and it stands as an example of how although he thought his mother’s life was worth saving, his own appeared less significant until Kala threatened her own life to demonstrate we are all connected and that one person’s tragedy is a collective tragedy. This theme ran throughout the episode and culminated in Wolfgang’s speech in Jean Pierre’s Villa where he thanked his cluster mates for risking it all to save him, someone who never asks for help, save for Felix,  and till now thought he was alone in the world. It hit a note similar to Lana Wachowski’s letter to the fans in which she admitted:” I too have learned I am not just a me, I am also a we.” And that Sense8 truly was worth saving because she, like Wolfgang was not alone. Not anymore.


The Power of Pain


And the will and courage to rescue someone or something you care for is not only inspired by Love as Jonas explains later in the episode it is in fact, Pain. ” Pain, Will….Pain connects us…..Pain binds us better to one another than anything else” and all the fans who can attest to the shock and pain they felt at the cancellation of Sense8 last year can also testify to the unifying force that this otherwise negative emotion brought in order to achieve what was collectively won.

We’re Here Now and It Means Everything


Will also restated the life-altering power of this pain, this cosmic change that cannot be undone when he tells Milton “There’s No Going Back. Not for You, Not for me, Not for any of us” and the passionate fans who campaigned for the return of Sense8 will recognize this truth better than most, because a year later, the circumstances have changed so drastically both individually and collectively that we cannot go back to who we were on May 31st, 2017 and this is not a negative outcome as the episode demonstrates later on. “Even after everything we’ve been through…would any of us go back to the world we’re used to?”



Vive La Resistance


In a two and a half hour episode meant to tie up countless loose ends, it is interesting that a club owner who was providing the venue for Wolfgang and Milton’s exchange had to state her case for fighting for her way of life. In what was perhaps, the clearest indication that Sense8 was far from over, the populist movement its cancellation created was addressed directly by showrunners who recognized Sense8’s place in modern day television and the types of fans from all walks of life who joined the fight. The often overused French revolutionary term has never sounded sweeter, least of all to any fan who felt invalidated by Netflix’s abrupt canning of the show. ” Our answer has been and will always be the same.Vive La Résistance!”




“Impossibility is a kiss away from reality”, one of the show’s best-known quotes, also received a post-cancellation re-write to “Impossibility is Still a Kiss Away from Reality”. The poignant moment when Amanita stares at the Eiffel Tower and dismays at her and Nomi’s inability to reach it, Nomi reminds her otherwise optimistic partner that “as impossible as that future might seem right now,I will remind you, as you reminded me, impossibility is still just a kiss away from reality”

Missing Theme



Amor Vincit Omnia contained one musical number and a classic cluster sing-along what was noticeably missing from the entire episode was the show’s anthem by the 4 Non-Blondes. Featured not once but twice, each time, in episode 4, the song has become the soundtrack to the series as well as the fan movement around the world. So why would Tom Tykwer choose any other song for the only song sequence in the so-called “Finale” and why was the familiar and beloved rhythm or music from the song not once featured? Because a Sense8 episode without its anthem is not a goodbye.

Fast Forward to a Happy Ending

The timeline of the episode covered a number of days in Paris and a fast forward to Nomi’s wedding. Sun is believed to have returned to Korea and introduced her pet to Mun but no other indication of time was available. A Finale episode could and most often do feature a “year later” or fast forward that demonstrates the strides the characters have made in the right direction to offer fans a sense of closure. Where was this collective sigh of relief in this episode which left as many questions as it answered?

Solemn Vows


And finally, Amanita’s wedding vows to Nomi contained some of the finest calls to action in the episode. As Neets puts it, “We live in a world that distrusts feelings. Over and over, we are reminded that feelings are not as important as Reason. That feelings are childish, irresponsible, dangerous. We are taught to ignore them, control, or deny them…But I know that feelings matter”. It was this very lack of reason and feeling-driven spirit that compelled hundreds of thousands of fans of a series that was deemed to have no sizable audience to change the ending of their favourite show to a happy one by rewriting television history. Trusting their feelings is what Sensates do best, its instinctive in a world choked by reason. In the end, it is what helps them and us saves the day, every single time…No exceptions.


Too Many Voices


The Chairman tells Wolfgang his armour is “Certainty”. There is only one voice telling me what to do. You? Your kind suffers from too many conflicting thoughts, too many clamouring voices”. But the diversity of our voices have always been an asset. And as for Certainty, is static, still and dead. Uncertainty, however, is something us clamouring voices around the world can work with, its something we thrive on. Besides, Sense8 and its fans don’t take instructions from a chairman. Faceless or otherwise. Our marching orders come from within.








6 thoughts on “Sense8 Special Tells Fans It’s Not the End – Here Are 9 Clues You Might Have Missed

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  1. I love this! And yes the S2E12 (not finale) was not an ending. It opened a lot of possible openings for a Season 3. In this beautiful age of television I think it is just right and natural to have a season 3.


  2. Well said siddynickhead! “Our marching orders come from within.” Kindred spirits indeed!
    This series portrays what those of us who sense/know/feel to be true – there is so much more to human consciousness than what is being taught (or even recognized) by “mainstream” society, scientific thought….. I have never been touched so deeply by a tv series…. So many beautiful, exciting, mind bending trails left to explore – there has to be a season 3 …. and beyond!


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